Our Research

An essential part of our stockyard building is research. 

Knowing the ins and outs of good stockyard designs that are in operation, and drawing on these to make our product resilient, innovative, and simply more intuitive is a key contributing factor to the success of our business and the ideas we have for our products like the Original G-Force. 

Most yards require facilities for receiving, holding, and moving stock into smaller workable yards for drafting, restraint, loading, and unloading. The design and capital invested will depend on the size of the yard, number of cattle now and in the near future, the workers available, the kinds of operations to be conducted, and how often the yard will be used. 

Stock handling principles remain largely the same so we can build our yards stock-proof for all sizes and classes.

Minimising Risk, one yard at a time

The safety of our crew, family, and visitors is of the utmost importance to us at Red River Rural. So minimising risk in all of our products is something we take seriously.

Working with animals in confined spaces always has its risks. Many injuries result from kicks and gate accidents because of the unpredictable nature of livestock.

Other accidents can occur from badly designed yards, poor stockmanship, or poorly maintained facilities.

Thats why its important for Red River Rural to do everything we can on our end to protect our users. 

Animal stress is a major cause for worker injuries, so we are sure to design our stockyards with:

  • Sufficient and durable materials
  • Precision in panel construction to avoid broken, loose, tight, or unhinging problems
  • position man gates in the best possible places to reduce workers getting stuck
  • Can incorporate elevated operator walking tracks (?)
  • Provide sufficient operator escapes
  • Have self-latching / automatic open and closing gates (?)
  • Give sufficient space to cattle to avoid overcrowding
  • Galvanized steel rounded edges reduce impact of injuries
  • Well planned yards that naturally and intuitively work with the natural formation of animals - A clear path is visible in the required direction